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Alarming Growth of Failed Hip Implant Statistics Trigger Global Recall

Posted on August 25 2012 by rFortz in depuy hip replacement, hip replacement recall, depuy hip replacement lawsuit, depuy lawsuit, asr hip replacement, asr hip replacement recall, asr hip replacement lawsuit

This video was created to show you exactly what went wrong with the DePuy ASR hip systems.

Alarming Growth of Failed Hip Implant Statistics Trigger Global Recall

The DePuy Pinnacle hip system was created to provide relief to those patients suffering from damaged hips and excruciating pain, medical experts say. Nonetheless, instead of giving ease, some patients encounter uneasiness with the implant, pushing them to file a lawsuit.

Depuy pinnacle is a surgical treatment for substituting those joints (which are painful) with an artificial hip joint. On the other hand, owing to more than a few stated unsuccessful implants, more people than expected have been experiencing grievous pain which required additional surgery, Johnson and Johnson unit DePuy Orthopaedics ran into controversy with the government regulators and have been compelled to issue a global recall over the two hip aid systems after finding their implant failure rates rising.

There was an independent study showing that DePuy has had sold about 93,000 units of its ASR XL Acetabular System and the ASR Hip Resurfacing System. The latest statistics expected by the company reflect an augmented number of people who have had a second hip replacement surgery, also called a "revision surgery."

Both products were pulled out of the market since late last year, the company acknowledges.

Mainstream media reports say that five years after implantation, approximately 12 percent of patients, or one in eight, who had received the ASR resurfacing device, and 13 percent of patients or one in eight who had received the ASR total hip replacement, needed a second surgery.

Pain, swelling, and walking-related problems are among the negative impact of the systems that patients complained about, the company says in its press releases.

If those symptoms continue, it could lead to more significant complications, including loosening of the implant, fracture of the hip bone and dislocation of the implant, it adds.

DePuy says it will cover "reasonable and customary costs of monitoring and treatment for services," including additional surgery costs associated with the recall of ASR systems.